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Timbaland lets PSP users get in the rhythm with ‘Beaterator’

Enter a virtual studio: Beaterator lets users experiment with prearranged sounds, or they can add their own flair by switching or removing loops, adding vocals or creating original beats. […]

Courtney Love plans to sue Activision for using Kurt Cobain’s image in Guitar Hero 5.

The latest Guitar Hero might be caught in the middle of a lawsuit. Courtney Love announced plans to sue Activision, the makers of the game, for using Cobain’s likeness without consent. […]

Courtney Love, rest of Nirvana unhappy over Guitar Hero 5

According to her incomprehensible Twitter feed, Courtney Love is planning on suing Activision for the inclusion of late-husband Kurt Cobain’s in Guitar Hero 5. Which would have legal merit if Activision didn’t secure the rights to use his image. […]

Nirvana members dismayed by ‘Guitar Hero 5’

Kurt Cobain’s appearance in the latest ” Guitar Hero ” video game is not hitting the right notes with the surviving members of Nirvana. […]

E3 Expo New Gear September 2009 – Plug & Play

Call it the revenge of the nerds – we don’t mind, and in all likeliness, you’re probably one of us anyway. […]