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Guitar Hero: Behind The String Of Successes

Share + Jan 31, 2010 11:01 pm US/Pacific Reporting Brandi Hitt WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. […]

Courtney Love: Kurt ‘would be fine’ with his Guitar Hero appearance

Courtney Love wasn’t at all happy with the way Kurt Cobain’s likeness appears in Guitar Hero 5 , so pissed that she’s threatened to sue Activision for it. […]

Wanted: Focus for Music Games

In his first editorial for GamePro, columnist Joe Rybicki explores the changing dynamics of the music game genre, and examines what needs to change in order to keep things viable in the years ahead. […]

Love conflicted over ‘Rock Band’ lawsuit

Courtney Love has claimed that she feels conflicted by her lawsuit against Activision, for the alleged misuse of Kurt Cobain’s avatar in Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero . […]

Courtney Love conflicted about lawsuit against Activision over…

Is Courtney Love having second thoughts about going through with the lawsuit against Activision over Kurt Cobain’s appearance in Guitar Hero 5? I think not. […]

Video Game News: Courtney Love changes her tune on Cobain in GH5 (sorta) – 3 Hours Ago

Courtney Love, widow of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, tells a magazine that he would have been “OK” with his Guitar Hero appearance. […]

Guitar Heroa ‘S February Downloadable Content Lineup Packs a Powerful …

” 28th January, 2010 – ” Guitar HeroA cranks up the heat in February with a strong lineup of weekly downloadable songs that are sure to satisfy fans’ musical appetites. […]

Courtney Love feels Kurt Cobain would’ve enjoyed Guitar Hero video game

London, Jan 30 : Rock musician Courtney Love has revealed that she feels conflicted over her legal battle against the makers of Guitar Hero, as she’s convinced her late husband Kurt Cobain would have adored the video game. […]

‘Mass Effect 2’ better; ‘Van Halen’ not so much

Improved graphics. Improved weapons and inventory management. Improved characters and dialogue. […]

Modern Warfare 2, the billion-dollar baby

James Cameron’s “Avatar” wasn’t the only entertainment property to make a billion dollars in the past year. […]