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Activision sued for ‘false patent marking’

Activision is being sued by the Patent Compliance Group for “false patent marking.” Don’t walk away! It’s not that complex, we promise. […]

Activision sued for ‘false patent marking’

What it basically means is that this private group of patent police is trying to ding Activision on patents it has on products that are beyond the scope of what it’s producing. […]

Guitar Hero Publisher RedOctane Gone But Kai and Charles Huang Remain

As part of a “realignment of resources” that affected a number of studios at Activision, RedOctane, the original publisher of Guitar Hero and the maker of all those plastic instruments cluttering your living area, has been closed, it was revealed recently . […]

Deals of the Week

An HP laptop, a TomTom GPS device, and a Pentax digital camera are all on sale this week. […]

Red Octane Founders Stick With Activision

Red Octane founders Kai and Charles Huang will not leave parent company Activision, the publisher has confirmed. […]

Guitar Hero Patent Case

A litigation-oriented website called Patent Arcade outlines a legal action by “Patent Compliance Group, Inc.,” alleging that Activision has falsely marked many of its video games including Guitar Hero 5 , Band Hero , and DJ Hero as patented in violation of US federal law. […]

Guitar Hero Van Halen Review

If a greater amount of pride equates to a more spectacular fall, Eddie Van Halen must have had more self-esteem than Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan combined when popping his signature on the contract for Guitar Hero: Van Halen. […]

Activision Blizzard’s Guitar Hero patent claims tested

Activision Blizzard has made, by most accounts, a boatload of money on the Guitar Hero franchise. […]


Activision Blizzard may have mislead the public over its patent claims, a group alleges. […]

411 Games Fact or Fiction: Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Black Sequel, Xbox Live

Welcome back to another stupendous edition of Fact or Fiction Games. I’m your host Mark Salmela, and I hate this job! But it’s alright, because this week it’s the battle of the filthy Canadians in 411Games Fact or Fiction: International Edition! We’ve got our slightly overrated boss man Christopher Lansdell taking on that syrup-loving bastard from … […]