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‘DJ Hero’ developer working on secret project

Freestyle Games, developer of the DJ Hero games, has been saved from closure. The UK studio’s future was in question after Activision announced its plans to “disband” the Guitar Hero division , including “severe redundancies” at Freestyle Games. […]

9 Viral Videos That Are Actually Advertising

As a marketer, there’s nothing less cool than being seen trying to promote a viral campaign and failing. […]

The Top 5 Software Stocks of 2011

It’s early into 2011, but we’re already seeing a group of companies breaking out and stomping the general market. […]

Activision to Push Their Luck with Call of Duty Elite Subscription Package

Some may call it a brilliantly bold business opportunity, many more will call it a mean-spirited cash grab, but whatever the case, Activision is taking a serious gamble with a new subscription system for the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 called “Call of Duty Elite.” Details are still scarce on what exactly the subscription package will entail, and … […]

Activision Signs Deal With DJ Hero Developer FreeStyle Games

British DJ Hero developer Freestyle Games has signed a new deal with its current publisher Activision, after a few months of negotiations. […]

Guitar Hero Now Used for Science?

Does anyone else find it amazing how long Guitar Hero and other games alike survived?A I’m not talking in regards to the game play, but just how saturated the market was when Guitar Hero finally plummeted under its own obesity of up to nine releases in one year.A It was then that I pondered to myself, “kinda surprised that didn’t happen sooner.”A … […]

Activision Drops Greed Bomb On Call of Duty Fans

Like Call of Duty ? Like paying for Call of Duty ? Activision sure hopes so. Quickly now: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hits consoles later this year. […]

Military-themed games will be star of show at E3 | Brier Dudley

They really ought to start the Electronic Entertainment Expo today, instead of next week. […]

Why Playing Video Games Might Make You Fat

According to new research by Jean-Philippe Chaput, Trine Visby, Signe Nyby, Signe Nyby, Lars Klingenberg, Nikolaj Ture Gregersen, Angelo Tremblay, Arne Astrup, and Anders Mikael SjA din conducted at the University of Copenhagen; playing video games like Electronic Arts’ FIFA 11 will make you fat. […]

3 Video-Game Companies, 3 Different Futures

The video-game industry is dominated by a few large companies — Activision Blizzard , Electronic Arts and Take-Two Interactive Software — and it’s tough to single out a winner because their success relies on titles that are hits with gamers. […]