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7 Reasons to Worry About Next Week

Is the economy still on the road to recovery or did it miss a pivotal turn a few intersections back? Several market bellwethers have come through with better-than-expected results in recent weeks, but it’s not all good news. […]

Bobby Kotick On Hatching Skylanders: Spiro’s Adventure

Bobby Kotick is the chief executive officer of Activision Blizzard, the largest video game publisher in the world. […]

Call of Duty must evolve or die

Opinion: Duncan Harris asks if the series is being cash cowed, like Guitar Hero… Call of Duty’s numbers are unholy. […]

On Guitar Hero and Led Zeppelin

There were definitely wish lists, including Metallica, who finally came aboard a few games down the line, but it took the game becoming a big phenomenon before a lot of the big boys finally committed. […]

Bobby Kotick talks Guitar and DJ Hero, the fall and the coming rise

Bobby Kotick earned more than $4.4 billion through Activision Blizzard last year, which means his business success is obvious — but so are his failures. […]

Guitar Hero to be resurrected, retooled, and launch reunion tour

Stop mourning wannabe rock stars — Guitar Hero is coming back. We heard the rumors of its demise were greatly exaggerated , but now word has come straight from Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick that the game is currently being reinvented for a modern, more demanding audience. […]

Led Zeppelin Guitar Hero almost happened

Led Zeppelin Guitar Hero almost happened A Activision nearly nailed down a Guitar Hero deal with rock group Led Zeppelin. […]

Activision Is Reinventing Guitar Hero

In a new interview, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick says that Guitar Hero isn’t just idling on some shelf. […]

Activision singing a different tune: Guitar Hero not really axed

We reported that Activision was canning their Guitar Hero franchise, along with True Crime: Hong Kong and the DJ Hero franchise. […]

Guitar Hero Comeback Planned

Analysis: Activision has formed a new studio to reinvent the Guitar Hero franchise. […]