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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

I can totally relate to Dwight Howard, and not just because we’re both 6-11 NBA centers. […]

CitySearch Names New VP and GM

Citysearch , a CityGrid Media company, announced today Kimberly Salzer has been named vice president and general manager for the local online guide. […]

Citysearch Names VP, GM

West Hollywood-based Citysearch , the online city guide which is part of IAC, said that it has named Kimberly Salzer as its new Vice President and General Manager. […]

Citysearch Hires New Vice President & General Manager, Kimberly Salzer

Citysearch, a CityGrid Media company, today announced Kimberly Salzer has been named Vice President and General Manager for the local online guide. […]

Activision’s Stock Dips, Investors Worry About Lack Of Innovation

The most important group of people to Activision are worried about the company…no, not gamers, investors. […]

The CoD franchise is in trouble – again

It seems like every other day that a new contender for the military FPS throne steps into the ring. […]

Activision’s “Skylanders” may face retail shortage

Director and Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard Robert Kotick speaks at the Reuters Global Media Summit in New York November 28, 2011. […]

Former Activision Exec Aims to “Dethrone” Call of Duty

Former Activision exec Dusty Welch says his new studio intends to “dethrone” Call of Duty with a top-quality, free-to-play shooter that runs in a browser. […]

Is This the Kinect-ed Future of Computing?

The company that helped bring Windows to the masses had rolled out its latest accessory with great fanfare, but it took a few independent tinkerers with some unexpected ideas to see the device’s potential. […]

Interview: Creating a COD Killer

Plenty of new studios talk about creating “COD killer” titles, but not many of those studios are headed up by the man who helped to create the shooter franchise in the first place. […]