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Musexpo Cites Music As Strategic Branding Tool

MUSEXPO tackled the ever-increasing use of music to help market and promote large corporate brands in the panel, “Music Communication: Marketing Within The Retail & Consumer Brand Platforms. […]

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour is Activision’s attempt to counter the changes that Rock Band brought to the music genre.A Instead of only including guitar and bass gameplay, players will now be able to form a complete band and sing, play drums, rock out on guitar, and strum away on the bass.A To further distinguish themselves from the competition, … (more) […]

The Age of Peripheral-Based Games is Fading

Majesco has announced a new basketball game for Xbox 360 today that doesn’t have to worry about competing with the latest NBA 2K game, and not because it uses Kinect. […]

Saving Music Games

In 2012, most people don’t care about music games anymore. At least not the beatmatching sort made popular last decade with five-button faux guitars and thwacky drums. […]

People and Places You Can See in Video Games

Nothing lasts forever. It sounds like a rejected title for a James Bond film but it’s true enough. […]

Guitar Hero II: The Metal Gods must be pleased

Rock ‘n’ roll musicians have always been our idols. Whether it was Elvis Presley in the 1950s or the British Invasion of the 1960s, rock has been an integral part of our lives. […]

A Portrait of the CFO as a Game Player

Dennis Durkin, the new finance chief of Activision Blizzard, a digital-entertainment company, finds the online games industry “incredibly energizing and fun.” CFO Dennis Durkin says he’s fortunate to be in “one of the most fun businesses there is.” Of course, even finance chiefs who work in staid businesses like insurance are known to say such … (more) […]

‘Guitar Hero’ Creator Reveals Details of New Summer Game…

It’s been a few years since Rock Band fans have had a new game to jam on with those plastic instruments. […]

Rock Band Blitz

The cat’s out of the bag now. Harmonix announced Rock Band Blitz on G4TV yesterday . […]

Producer – Activision Publishing Minneapolis Eden Prairie, MN, USA

At Activision Publishing, you will take some of the biggest brands in the business to the next level. […]