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Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose demands that ‘defamatory’ art exhibition is closed

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has demanded that an LA photographer closes her art exhibition as it includes a defamatory picture of him. […]

Correcting and Replacing Graphic Cyber Griffin Launches Hax AttacksTM …

“Never write passwords down! Even if they are in a safe place, they could still end up in the wrong hands.” In today’s digital world, the scary truth is that it’s no longer a question of if you’ll become a victim of a cyber incident, but when . […]

Cyber Griffin Launches Hax AttacksTM Mobile Gaming Application in…

Incidents can come in many forms, including identity theft, virus infections or password hacking. […]

Funeral For Some Friends: Honoring game studios that have shut down.

This generation more so then any previous one has seen many ups and down. Bust sadly when it comes to developers for many of them its been down. […]

A closer look at Rocksmith

I remember very fondly when Guitar Hero became the hottest video game. It was a great idea, and for a moment it actually helped keep the music business alive. […]

Review of DJ Hero

After the monumental success of Guitar Hero, Activision, not being one to let a cash cow sit for too long, decided to create a spin-off called DJ Hero. […]

How Activision uses for engaging with (complaining) gamers chief executive Marc Benioff related a bunch of stories to illustrate how social media is changing the enterprise. […]

Van Halen Guitar Hero, Review Sony PS3

The undeniable success of Beatles Rock Band and Metallica Guitar Hero has shown that rhythm action games that celebrate the works of one band can be fun, entertaining and profitable. […]

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock, Review Nintendo Wii

Now in its 6th iteration what can Activision do to keep their genre leading title fresh and at the top of the guitar-sim pops? They can throw a whole load of new features and a re-imagined single player mode into the mix, that’s how. […]

MusicLab releases RealGuitar 3, RealStrat 3 and RealLPC 3

MusicLab has announced the release of versions 3.0 of their “Real instruments” range: RealGuitar 3 , RealStrat 3 and RealLPC 3 . MusicLab has also launched a new website with a new account system which allows to easily download latest installers/license keys/receive special offers, etc. […]