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THQ Files For Bankruptcy, Paves Way For Buyout

That sentence sounds like I’ve compared the two companies as if they’re on the level in the gaming world. […]

The Smartest & Dumbest Things Activision Did in 2012

The year is winding down and, if we simply asked Activision boss Bobby Kotick what the smartest thing Activision did was this year, he might say it was the making of gobs of money. […]

Kotick: Firing Infinity Ward heads not a hard decision

Say what you want about Activision CEO Robert Kotick, but the man knows how to make money and when to bail out of a bad situation. […]

Console games are not going away

The popularity of cheap mobile games such as “Angry Birds” has led some analysts to wonder if $200 to $300 consoles like the Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation are destined for the Island of Misfit Toys . […]

Senior UI Artist-Vicarious Visions – Vicarious Visions / Activision Albany, NY, USA

Come join Vicarious Visions, one of the most dynamic and creative game developers in the video-game industry. […]

Ubisoft: Just Dance won’t go the route of Guitar Hero

Just Dance 4 has been one of the top sellers this holiday season, continuing its reign as the top dance title. […]

Why I no longer care about Mainstream Games

That’s the simple question any gamer must have at this point: Why? Why all of these never-ending sequels? Why this high-priced DLC that should have been a part of the game from the get-go? Why are we supposed to be excited about new graphical enhancement qualities, Wii U garbage, and new future consoles? Gaming, when done with some logical thought … (more) […]

Canceled Guitar Hero 7 Was a ‘Disaster’

A source has come out and said that the canceled Guitar Hero 7 game was a disaster in the making. […]

Guitar Hero 7 was well under way, experimented with six-stringed controller before cancellation

It seems that Activision had done a fair bit of experimenting with the Guitar Hero franchise before they abandoned it completely back at the beginning of 2011. […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 beats Modern Warfare 3 to $1 billion but

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 managed to earn $1 billion in retail sales one day faster than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, an undeniable business success, but a potentially worrying sign about the series’ future growth. […]