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Saving Music Games

In 2012, most people don’t care about music games anymore. At least not the beatmatching sort made popular last decade with five-button faux guitars and thwacky drums. […]

Best Holiday Tech Gift: We Have a Winner! [CONTEST]

The best story wins an Xbox Kinect Bundle courtesy of Target , and a pack of games from Activision , featuring DJ Hero , DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle , Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock , Cabela’s Big Game Hunter , and Rapala for Kinect. […]

What’s the Best Holiday Tech Gift You’ve Ever Received? [CONTEST]

As technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate, so too does our gadget turnover, it seems. […]

DJ Hero producer killed in car crash

Gamasutra reports that Townsend, 33, died on Monday night in Los Angeles. He began his career in the game industry ten years ago as a tester for EA, working up through the ranks to assistant producer before moving to Activision. […]

Corporate Creativity – by Daniel Lehrich

Several months back Activision CEO Bobby Kotick caused quite a stir when, during a long interview with Forbes magazine , he implied that DJ Hero was a mistake and that it sucked focus away from the Guitar Hero games and led to the demise of the franchise as a whole. […]

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Can Michael Jackson’s dancing make it on the Wii? A hands-on description of the Michael Jackson dance game. […]

DJ Hero 3 ideas ‘on ice’ include dual-platter mode, dev reveals

Activision announced it was axing the DJ and Guitar Hero businesses last year due to “continued declines in the music genre”. But it sounds like developer FreeStyleGames hasn’t completely given up hope. […]

Activision singing a different tune: Guitar Hero not really axed

We reported that Activision was canning their Guitar Hero franchise, along with True Crime: Hong Kong and the DJ Hero franchise. […]

Guitar Hero will be reinvented says Kotick

Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick, has finally passed comment on the cancellation of the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises. […]

Activision Trying To ‘Reinvent’ Guitar Hero

In an interview with Forbes, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick spoke about the rise and fall of the Guitar Hero franchise , saying “it became unsuccessful because it didn’t have any nourishment and care.” He then revealed that after effectively canceling the franchise last year , the company is looking for ways to resurrect it. […]