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Activision “Disbands” Guitar Hero Team

Closes down Guitar Hero business unit and cans planned 2011 release; no skateboarding this year either. […]

No Activision skateboarding game in 2011

There will be no new Activision-published skateboarding game on the shelves this year for the first time since 1999. […]

Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk Games Bomb At Retail

Tony Hawk Shred and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock both faceplant at retail. a More than arguably any other publisher, Activision creates games that become household names. […]

Entire Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Track List Revealed

Activision has released the full, 93-track setlist for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock ahead of its Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii release on September 28 and there are more than a few gems in the collection. […]

Tony’s Flawed Peripheral

It wasn’t that long ago that the Tony Hawk videogames were on top of the world, and in the eyes of skaters and gamers alike, it was one of the best series’ around. […]

Activision Tony Hawk Ride skateboard controller

Work up a sweat at home with a scrape-free skateboard controller and game for PS3, Wii and Xbox. […]

Interview: Skateboarding Gamer Reviews Tony Hawk’s Ride

The new Tony Hawk Ride Videogame is an amazing step into the new gaming scene. Activision took the same approach it did with its prior and ongoing releases of Guitar Hero for the Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360, and PS3 gaming systems. […]