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Lions Gate: Emerging Craze for ‘The Hunger Games’ Drives a Parabolic Stock Move

If you’re part of the cadre of market observers that thinks Apple’s gone up too much this year, then please, don’t look at what’s been going on with the “Hunger Games Trade” — a.k.a. Lions Gate Entertainment . […]

Alice: The Madness Returns and Bayonetta what’s new and used in games

Alice: The Madness Returns turns “Alice in Wonderland” on its head. After a 10-year stay, Alice gets out of an insane asylum, where she has been abused, and tries to find out what happened to her family. […]

Jonathan Takiff: New ‘toys’ let kids play like grown-ups

THE GIZMO: Toys that mimic adult gadgets like iPads, Kindles and mobile phones grabbed lots of attention at the 2011 American International Toy Fair last week in New York. […]

Essentials: ‘Guitar Hero’ Unplugged, Pets Get Kids Moving, Cookie Jar Goes Primetime

Fallen Hero – Kids who have a dog get more exercise than those who don’t. Perhaps the White House’s “Let’s Move” campaign to combat childhood obesity -A which is now a year old -A should consider building in a pet component) – Cookie Jar Entertainment – College students aren’t being challenged academically and are falling behind their peers in … […]

‘Sick’ stock portfolio for teens

Teenagers are a big reason why Apple Inc. has a market capitalization of US$293.8-billion. Photograph by: Jo Yong-Hak / Reuters, National Post This week, we are assembling a “sick” portfolio of stocks for a teenager. […]

T is for teen, V for video games

This week, we are assembling a “sick” portfolio of stocks for a teenager. We could go on for paragraphs quoting experts droning on about how investments are an excellent holiday gift, how managing such a portfolio gives teens valuable insights into mathematics and financial planning, how it helps them save for post-secondary education and other … […]

Youth Media Movers & Shakers

Today we bring you another installment of Youth Media Movers and Shakers. We’ve culled through industry publications looking for the recent executive placements we think you should know about. […]