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Grammy Awards preview; Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’; Kid Rock gets mad

The Grammy Awards take place Sunday. It’s the biggest night for the music industry, and it generally makes for a pretty good TV show . […]

Video Games and Music Makers: ‘A Perfect Marriage’

Record companies and artists look to video games as a way to make beautiful music together — and promote it. […]

Drew Tewksbury

Last week saw the release of the official poster for the 54th Grammy Awards, which was designed by the patron saint of L.A. architecture, Frank Gehry. […]

Megadeath and Soundgarden game songs up for the Grammys

The hard rock groups Guitar Hero tracks are nominated. ‘Sudden Death’ by Megadeth and ‘Black Rain’ by Soundgarden, both first released on ‘Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock’ have become the first two original songs created for a videogame to be nominated for a Grammy Award. […]

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Anthems Nominated at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards

In celebration of these artists’ nominations, free ‘Black Rain’ MP3 now available to Guitar Hero’s over two million Facebook fans Activision Publishing today announced that headline anthems from Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock , Megadeth’s “Sudden Death” and Soundgarden’s “Black Rain”, have been nominated for Best Metal Performance and Best Hard Rock … […]