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Many gamers have wondered over the years about what sort of music goes best with gaming? Last week PlayStation, Activision and Metallica put a good case forward for Heavy Metal to take the gaming music crown. […]

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock review

Take up the ax once again in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock , the sixth installment of the tendon-snapping franchise where the power of rock has the ability to alter matter itself into its rawest, most hardcore state. […]

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock demo shreds Xbox LIVE

The sixth title in the Guitar Hero franchise hit Xbox LIVE this morning in the form of a demo with four songs to players to try out.A Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock represents a slight departure from recent titles as Activision tries to take the title back to the days of the more successful Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock .A Gamers will have the … […]

SOUNDGARDEN’s ‘Black Rain’ Lands On ‘Alternative Songs’ Chart

According to , SOUNDGARDEN ‘s newly released track “Black Rain” stormed in at No. […]


It seems silly to describe the “new features” that have been added to Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock without acknowledging the basic stuff the franchise still doesn’t get right. […]

Earnings Preview: Activision Blizzard to report 4Q

Activision Blizzard Inc., the video game publisher behind “World of Warcraft” and “Call of Duty,” reports fourth-quarter results after the market closes Wednesday. […]