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With Apple iPad 3 Coming, Android Tablet Market Should Be Shaking in Its Boots

There is no doubt that Apple is about to unleash the iPad 3, the third edition in the company’s series of dominant tablet computers. […]

2011 Tech Industry Graveyard

Fortunately for the tech industry, there’s a lot more living than dying, with 2011 seeing the birth of everything from Apple’s iPad 2 to the Google+ social network. […]

Early Adopter: Rock Prodigy Wants You to Be a Real-Life Guitar Hero [Voices]

Nothing makes you feel like a rock-and-roll god more than shredding on Activision’s Guitar Hero or Electronic Arts’ Rock Band-except, of course, for actually becoming one. […]

Jonathan Takiff: New ‘toys’ let kids play like grown-ups

THE GIZMO: Toys that mimic adult gadgets like iPads, Kindles and mobile phones grabbed lots of attention at the 2011 American International Toy Fair last week in New York. […]

Morning Tech Wrap: Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, Activision

Hewlett-Packard has announced twoA new phones and a long-awaited tablet computer, the TouchPad tablet based on its own webOS operating system. […]

Personal Finance Daily: Married couples living apart: how to cope

Don’t miss these top stories: As every parent knows, the act of managing a household made up of two working adults and one or more small children is like operating a finely calibrated machine, and if one bolt starts to loosen, it can send the whole thing flying apart. […]

Activision not excited by App Store

Activision boss Bobby Kotick believes the publisher’s immediate future lies in traditional gaming platforms rather than mobile phones and social networks like Facebook. […]

New Guitar Hero Mobile Song Pack for iPad, iPod Touch

Activision has a new track pack for Guitar Hero hitting today, and this one is dedicated to iPad and iPod Touch users. […]

iPad and iPhone Paid App Patterns Diverge

People seem to be behaving differently in terms of their buying of content or features “in application” on their iPads, compared to their iPhones, based on the latest data from Distimo. […]

Top-Grossing iTunes Apps: Guitar Hero Overtakes Angry Birds

Every week, sister iPhone site FingerGaming rounds up the top-grossing iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad applications, as current that day in the iTunes App Store, and this chart is now available on Gamasutra. […]