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Activision talks Bizarre closure, Hero brand returning

Activision talks Bizarre closure, Hero brand returning A Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg recently discussed the closing of Bizarre, and whether or not the Guitar and DJ Hero games will be returning. […]

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg on True Crime, Bizarre…

When Eric Hirshberg stepped into the role of CEO of Activision Publishing last July, the company had just begun an ugly, public battle with the founders of Infinity Ward, having fired the creators of the company’s Call of Duty cash cow just four months prior. […]

Video Game News Flash: Bizarre Creations’ culture and creativity was crushed by Activision

Speaking in Edge Magazine this month, Sarah Chudley, former Commercial Director for Bizarre Creations, noted how the developer’s office culture changed significantly once Activision got involved. […]

Critical Hit: Activision’s Bizarre Decision

So, after giving 90-days’ notice last November, Activision Blizzard has said it’s ‘exhausted’ all options and decided to close Liverpool-based studio Bizarre Creations. […]

Article: Bizarre Situations

Published as part of our sister-site’s widely-read weekly newsletter, the Editorial, is a weekly dissection of an issue weighing on the minds of the people at the top of the games business. […]

Potential buyers hover over Bizarre

Things are looking up for staff at Bizarre Creations today, following yesterday’s news that a trip to the job centre might be in the offing. […]

Activision Puts Blur Dev Bizarre Creations On 90 Day Notice News

Submitted by Kiran Earwaker on November 17 2010 – 11:23 Activision a exploring optionsa regarding Liverpool-based developer… Following rumblings across twitter, Activision has released a statement confirming that changes are afoot for Blur developer Bizarre Creations. […]

Activision Moots Sale of Bizarre Creations – News

Activision Blizzard has released a statement to various press outlets regarding the rumoured closure of Liverpool-based Bizarre Creations – the studio behind the hugely successful Project Gotham Racing , and the less well-received Blur . […]

Activision mulls over the fate of Bizarre & Budcat Creations

Leo Chan – Tuesday, November 16, 2010 9:03pm 0 Blur, Project Gotham and Guitar Hero Wii/PS2 port developers in danger of being dissolved Activision has confirmed in a statement to Shacknews that it is in the process of re-evaluating its investment in Bizarre Creations. […]

Video Game News: Activision and Bizarre vs Viacom and Harmonix

Activision has put Bizarre Creations on notice, notifying the company of a potential sale or closure. […]