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Harmonix: Dance Central Outselling Rock Band 3

Despite the recent troubles of the music gaming genre and dissolving of the Guitar Hero franchise, Harmonix is optimistic, as sales for its Xbox 360/Kinect game Dance Central surpass those for Rock Band 3 . “To date [ Dance Central ] has outperformed Rock Band 3 at retail,” said Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos in an interview with video game weblog … […]

Harmonix CEO talks ‘Dance Central,’ the future of ‘Rock Band’

So how well has Microsoft Kinect title Dance Central performed? Sales of the dance game have topped the latest installment of Harmonix Music Systems’ flagship Rock Band franchise, CEO Alex Rigopulos says in an extensive interview with Destructoid . […]

Harmonix brainstorming ‘reimaginings’ of Rock Band, new motion games

“There’s no denying that Rock Band 3 hasn’t yet sold to the level we hoped it would out of the gate,” Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos admitted to Edge . […]

Interview: Alex Rigopulos

Here they go again on their own. The Harmonix CEO describes its return to the indie scene. […]