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New E-Book Explores the Rise and Fall of the Music Game Genre

A new book being released today talks to the creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band to find out why the industry hit such a sour note after one year of off-the-charts revenues. […]

Viacom sells Rock Band game studio

Even the Beatles couldn’t work it out. Viacom last night sold out of its ailing video game franchise Rock Band a ‘ home to last year’s be-your-own-Beatle title a ‘ ending an ill-fated foray into gaming. […]

Harmonix sold to N.Y. company

Harmonix senior designer Sylvain Dubrofsky and guests played Rock Band 3 at the company’s Cambridge headquarters. […]

Guitar Hero Developer on the Auction Block

Are music video games little more than one-hit wonders? Sales of the games, which allow players to be pretend rock stars, have fallen nearly 80 percent in the past two years, according to the Los Angeles Times . […]

Viacom to Unload Rock Band Unit [Voices]

Viacom Inc. is telling the band to pack up and go. The New York-based entertainment company is preparing to unload its Harmonix videogame division, maker of the popular “Rock Band” line of games. […]

Viacom’s sale of Harmonix confirmed, in talks with “several potential buyers”

It’s been confirmed that Viacom Inc. has decided to sell Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix, following several quarters of unprofitability for the media giant. […]

Viacom Eying Sale of Rock Band Developer

Viacom Inc the owners of MTV Games and developer Harmonix is eyeing the sale of Rock Band developer Harmonix. […]

Activision Sued Over ‘Guitar Hero’ Patent Claims

As the battle of band licensing fees rages over music in video games , there is a new topic of disagreement. […]

Harmonix may have to repay bonuses after downbeat Rock Band sales

Stung by slowing sales of the Rock Band videogame series, Harmonix Music Systems Inc. […]

Harmonix may have to repay bonuses after sluggish Rock Band sales

Stung by slowing sales of the Rock Band videogame series, Harmonix Music Systems Inc. […]