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Video Game Shows How Americans Would Balance the Budget

If you’re like many American citizens, you’ve taken your share of pot shots at Congress, and most recently the Congressional “Super Committee,” for its failure to broker a deficit reduction deal. […]

Battlefield 3 Preview, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Battlefield 3 is due for release on 28th October and it looks a very exciting prospect. […]

Vicarious Visions has three unannounced projects, including one for Wii U

Longtime Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk , and now Skylanders developer Vicarious Visions has three new projects in the works, according to a report from GameSpot. […]

Vicarious Visions Prepping Wii U Project

Vicarious Visions has a Wii U project in the works. As discovered by Gamespot , the LinkedIn page of a Vicarious Visions associate producer lists three unannounced projects. […]

Vicarious Visions developing Wii U title

Former Guitar Hero developer Vicarious Visions is working on three unannounced new titles, one of which is for the Wii U, according a developer CV. […]

Guns N’Roses lend comeback track to Rock Band 2 game

Guns N’Roses have agreed that the first track from their long-delayed new album will be released through computer game ‘Rock Band 2’ in September. […]

Courtesy: PlayStation/Activision

Whether you’re looking to stay entertained on the go, vacation, or just looking for something to keep you occupied while you’re indoors in the comfort of A/C, this is a great day to save. […]

Article: Cheap This Week – 13/07/11

Welcome to Cheap This Week, our weekly selection of discounted games. There’s a great selection of games available for good prices this week, including two hot pre-orders for less than 20 quid apiece. […]

Child of Eden Review

Child of Eden Some may believe that the music rhythm genre died when Activision disbanded its Guitar Hero unit earlier this year. […]

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg on True Crime, Bizarre…

When Eric Hirshberg stepped into the role of CEO of Activision Publishing last July, the company had just begun an ugly, public battle with the founders of Infinity Ward, having fired the creators of the company’s Call of Duty cash cow just four months prior. […]